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    Naruto Shipuuden In USA.

    i just came across this timeline of the US shonen Jump and their plan up till Janurary 2008


    It seems like Viz's plan is to release 3 volumes every month and start on the Shipuuden Manga next year...this is a bad idea, 3 volumes a MONTH!! but on the other hand, if they dont do this, it will take em' couple of years and many months to catch up.
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    its not called shippuuden in the manga. shippuuden is just the name for part two in the anime
    i think its a bad idea also because then naruto in the u.s. will not last as long.

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    I think they are only going to do this for

    1- The money from every naruto fan )obviously(
    2- Cause they are so many chapters ahead in the non-english versions. They just want to catch up. But forcefully release them. They are going to stress out their workers. They should just stay on their own route like they are now.

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    Well I tend not to like anime which is dubbed and aired for little children to watch, its all censored... And I don't like the american's voices... And the way they pronounce some names, just terrible...
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    I think its a cool idea to catch up the people that buy the volumes. I personally bought 7 volumes of Naruto about 4 years ago and Its very frustrating knowing the series is much farther along in another country (so glad I found out about scanlation groups).

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    I dont mind at all

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    3 volumes a MONTH what!

    quick cash it looks like.
    Conspiracy theory

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