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    well kishi is looking forward to destroy the last particularity of the protagonist in the famous orange jump suit (aka naruto):the kyuubi-considered as a gift by many- ,in the favor of an uchiha disease:sharingan-considered as a curse by many-...

    this post may seem funny but that's how i see it
    with kyuubi being looked at as a pet naruto will look dumber
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    i think the ms will control kyubbi, like sasuke surpressed jugo's form when he was trying to fight with suigetsu, i think its all the murderous intent in the eye, so ms must be like the most powerful murderous intent u can muster, the kyubbi said "eyes with such power and a chakra more sinister" so am thinking it's gotta be something in that line of theory

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    the first hokage had the same power to control a bijuu too with his mokuton so maybe it was something that occured long ago when madara and the first were friends

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