what, is kishi gonna make sasuke marry sakura?... i really don't like the way manga is going lately. it seems like its being "filled". we saw naruto in 1st chapter, as an idiot, who couldnt even properly replicate himself, and still he claimed that he will surpass all of previous hokages... 400 chapters later, he has improved only by a tiny bit. example? in one of the recent chapters, naruto sees tobi. he notices, that tobi wears an akatsuki robe, means he's one the akatsuki members, means, he's probobly f*cking strong, and yet he screams and charges at him straight on... he could have been killed like 10000000000 times by now...
of course, there would be no point in the main hero (such as naruto) if he just defeat all of his enemies, but watching a retard for 400 chapters also aint fun.
i really hope naruto improves fast. he has potential and chakra (both his and kyuubi's), becouse as things are now, he doesnt stand a chance vs the other guys.

and one more thing: about this sasuke vs itachi fight. i hope one of them dies. i really do.
and its not that i dont like either of them, becouse i do. its just that sasuke since the very beginning wanted to kill itachi, he betrayed his friends, his village and "sold" his soul to orochimaru for power, and if one of these motherfu*kers doesnt die this time, what would be the point of all that?! we knew this fight would happen, sooner or later. it was necessary for story line development, and here it is. if by some "coinidence" this fight will not be concluded i will write to mr. kishi and say that he blew this great idea he had in the beginning.