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    This was one of my first shoujo mangas...I read more shounen than shoujo, but I definitely like the manga better than the anime. I agree with everyone that the ending wasn't so impressive, but I did like it overall. I would recommend it to people who are looking for a nice short manga to read. Art was nice and Kippei was awesome!!

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    Yea i just finished this and thought it was awesome. Though you guys seem to dislike the ending i thought it was actually okay. it seems Yuzuyu and her mom get along well. though i couldn't tell if that was Kororo at the end with Kippei.

    the anime's animation is kind of messed up at time really bad. especially in the earlier episodes. i can't draw but sometimes the eyes of Kippei are messed up so bad i couldn't help but laugh at them.
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    It's a sweet yet sad book, particularly about each characters. The drawing is really good, and my favourite character would have to be Kokoro or Kippei's sister =]
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