I am not sure if this has come up in any thread already..but here it goes.

We all know that if Sasuke activates his Mangekyou he will be the third user along with Itachi and Madara. But according to Itachi, the only way to activate it if he kills his best friend which is in fact Naruto. What about the kyuubi? If Sasuke somehow kills Naruto the kyuubi will die as well. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of Akatsuki..better yet Pain and Madara from achieving their goals. They need Naruto and the kyuubi alive. So what was the purpose of itachi telling Sasuke in oreder to get eyes like his, he must kill Naruto?

From reading the latest chapter of Naruto, we found out that one of the secrets of the clans eye technique is to control the Nine-tails with Mangekyou. We know that Sasuke is nowhere near close to defeating Itachi at his current level, and Itachi wants Sasuke to come back and fight him "when you have the same eyes as me."

Sasuke vowed to gain power his own way to defeat Itachi. In order to do that how will Sasuke activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. I think the way how Sasuke activates his Mangekyou Sharigan will play a big role in the Nine-tails' future, which includes Naruto.

What do the great fans of Naruto think?