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we are not seriously thinking that thats all raven tail has are we. there is definitely more to obra. im not counting them out yet. NOT AT ALL! not totally any way. either way luxas is the boss. end of story.! fairy tail vs saber tooth is going to be something special.

also i expect big things from wendy's fight. plus i dont think they would be disqualified for that because they could claim they did not know. OR they could try to pull a twin lie maybe ? ? ?
I'm not sure if RT will appear in this arc, but, that little demon, it might be a scout of the twilight army (the thing that they want to summon ?), since it really isn't human (although it might be a cursed one). Not to mention, his power reminds of Zeref's a little, the only difference is that he steals magic rather than life... speaking of Zeref's magic, do you think that it's the cause of his longevity (since he seems to be at least as old as Mavis, or was it because of another time-space magic ?) ?

I wonder if Mashima is trolling us with that little girl's magic, since it wasn't explicitly stated that she has the same kind of magic as Zeref (only that it comes from the coliseum), plus that she is strong and that Mavis is interested/recognized her magic.

Well, it could be interesting to see the Sky magic vs the Underworld magic, since it would fit the opposite element match up.

BTW. Mavis surname - Vermilion ( I think ), in some other works it is associated with a powerful demon capable of stealing & burning life. Sounds a little similar to what Zeref can as well, perhaps they are more closely related than we think.