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    One Piece Where can I download MP4 format One piece episodes?

    I have a PSP and I got an episode of one piece but it's in French... T_T and I don't know french because I am not that smart. It would help me out big time if someone would show me a way to get one piece in MP4 (WITHOUT TORRENTS PLEASE) My dad won't let me download a Bitorrent on either computer. One piece fan 4life ^_^

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    here's the site
    there are .mp4's on direct download..
    and oh why is that your dad won't allow you to download through torrents?

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    Well, that was my mistake

    I downloaded a bitorrent to I dunno, it said read the torrent but it didn't work out because I don't kow how to manage a torrent. If I did know how I wouldn't have had you guys go through the trouble of answering my dumb question.... But thanx by the way!
    Um, what if the psp cannot read the file? It says Unsupported Data on it. I went to Vegapunk as you suggested but my psp won't read the file. I made sure the file said MP4. and when I press properties on my PSP it doesn't have a video codec. Sorry for the trouble
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    Where did you put the mp4 vid? you should open the mp root folder,den put it either on the folder 100anv01 or 100MNV01..and the vid must have a .thm file with it..if you don't have have to convert it by using this SUPER © ., just download the software at the bottom of the page. after installing..just drag the vid on the box at the bottom and choose an output video which is sony psp.

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    Just use Xvid4PSP convertor, it works ace with firmware>2.80 (ie the ones that don't use 100ANV01/100MNV1 and are 480x272 instead of 320x240)
    Otherwise just use pspvideo9.

    Also to play anything on a psp it has to be correct frame rate and size or else it shows corrupt video.

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    One Piece

    ......thank you so much raphy_angelo! It worked just like you said you are my hero! Without that link you sent me I wouldn't of have been able to put the one piece series on my PSP

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    Wow! good to hear that from you..i can imagine how happy you are...anyway, enjoy!

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    Kaizoku-Fansubs have released in .mp4 format for a while, they're excellent fansubbers, though I believe they're still quite a bit behind. You can download via IRC if Torrents are no-go.

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    Smile hello

    i am new member
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