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    Hey I keep on trying to post in other threads, and I can't. And it won't let me start my own threads or anything, so..... Help?

    Woofcat Edit: It was because you either never got a confirmation email or your junk folder ate it. Either way i manually confirmed you exist. Happy posting.

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    um thanks

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    Could you please look for your RSS? I don't know why but I deleted alle "New Releases" yesterday but just some minutes ago most of the deleted releases were back in the list. I checked for updates for the toolbar but there weren't.

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    Thats because it caches every post and when a new post is made it shows up with the entire cache. I don't think updating will be of any help.

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    Can you put this site as a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Community in the Manga Sites option:
    Hitman Reborn Forum

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    for some reason the link in the first post isnt working for me could someone provide a new link?

    i allready had this tool bar once but i updated my yahoo tool bar and it replaced it,and now i cant find it on my toolbar list

    also thanks for the ms tool bar in the first place

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    ehm i'm sorry
    but i can't download the toolbar
    is the link down?

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    Im also unable to download the toolsbar

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    You can grab the toolbar at the following link.
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    thanks the links working now i can get my spiffy tool bar back and keep track of some of the lesser know manga.

    wich is part of the reaso i love the ms toolbar

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