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    What anime is this? (Forum Game)

    I'm bored and haven't seen this forum game around here and it's very interesting, because you can discover new animes while playing, so I'm gonna start this. It's pretty easy to understand, someone posts an screenshot of any existing anime and the others have to guess which anime it is from, and the first one to give the correct answer have to put the next screenshot.

    Various things:
    - If you want to post an screenshot but you don't have the episode to take it from, images taken from internet are also allowed (if they're similar to screenshots and enough big).

    - If the one who gives the correct answer doesn't put any other image in 2 days more or less, anybody is free to put an screenshot and continue with the game.

    - If nobody knows an answer, the user have to put another screenshot from the same anime or give some clues again and again until somebody knows the answer and the game continues.

    - As said above, you only have to name the anime title, not the character in the screenshot. Screenshots without characters are allowed as well.

    Animes posted (until page 58), thanks to jja:

    So... let's start this. I'll put the first screenshot, which is really easy

    ( )
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