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tobi's eye thing is probably similar to how kakashi covers his eye. maybe the first sharingan is on all the time or he just uses it to save him from total blindness, although if that were the case, why wouldn't itachi do the same? if madara was his mentor why wouldn't he give itachi that secret when he helped him unlock ms? as far as why he chose tobi, well he's probably gone crazy in his old age, i've seen alot of old people just do shit for no reason other than their crazy. i mean maybe madara wupped batman's ass because he called him a bum and he had to change his name so batman wouldn't come back to knock him to the floor... because you know how much of a jackoff batman is
I didn't find this funny at all, sorry. Im even wearing a batman tshirt. the one with just the bat symbol on the front. looks sick..