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    Naruto Naruto 385 Spoilers

    Attention read below!

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    Discuss the spoilers here.

    Please do not provide Babelfish translations or any translation by a online translation machine in this thread, they are confusing and always wrong...
    Spoiler picture has been confirmed as a FAKE spoiler by Gold Knight at MH ~gin0va
    That spoiler pic up there is a fake. It's from volume 17, chapter 148, page 4, panel 3. Obviously the panels were rearranged and SFX inserted instead of word balloons to try to give it a look of RAWness though, but the Kisame is exactly the same.

    Verification: Pending
    Source: NF
    Credits: Kumanri


    No.385 - Elder Brother

    Sasuke: ....
    Itachi: Guu...
    As blood flowed out from his mouth, Itachi fell onto the floor. As he fell, his whole body started melting and turn liquid, and a tomoe sign was formed on the floor.
    Sasuke: ?!
    The dimension collapsed, trapping Sasuke within...just as if Sasuke was swallowed, the scene changes to the battle between Suigetsu and Kisame...
    Water was splashed and scattered around. Suigetsu's body was pierced by Samehada and stuck onto the lamppost.
    Kisame: Well well, I thought you're pretty strong...a tearful face, that's it? That's such a kill-joy...
    Suigetsu: It's so nostalgic...
    A grinning Suigetsu.
    Kisame: ?? ....are you laughing at your own pathetic's painful to realise the truth isn't it?
    Suigetsu: I got that from elder brother many times before, the feel of this blade...
    Kisame: !! Come to think of it, you're right. Your elder brother was called Houzuki Mangetsu, right, Suigetsu?
    (The former owner of Samehada...)
    Suigetsu:'s time
    In a flash, Suigetsu pulled out Samehada, turned to the slime form and landed on the ground.
    In his right hand, he held the cleaver (Zabuza's weapon), in his left hand was Samehada. Suigetsu went into a double sword stance (nitouryuu).
    Kisame: Oh...My Samehada that rejects getting handled by anyone besides me is not resisting?
    Suigetsu: I'm taking this sword, Kisame sempai
    Kisame: If you can do it, that is...
    Suigetsu: It's neither to attack my brother's enemy, nor about thinking of what I want to do to a missing-nin like you. This time, it's purely for entertainment (that we fight), that's all.
    As soon as he had spoken, Suigetsu's body started to swell and blister.
    The water took on a muscular form and flowed towards the two swords...
    Kisame: snake...!?
    Suigetsu: Suiton rehha - hebi guchi! (Suiton multiple waves technique - snake's mouth) Here I come...Kisame sempai!!

    Kisame: Fufufu. That's going to be entertaining for me.
    Kisame formed handseals.
    A huge quantity of water came crashing out from nowhere...
    Both were surrounded by sheets of water...
    The appearance of Houzuki Mangetsu was reflected in Kisame's eyes...
    The scene changes abruptly to the Itachi vs Sasuke combat, Itachi was sitting leisurely on the chair...
    Sasuke's breathe rose, he suddenly stood in front of Itachi's eyes.
    Itachi: Is this how I look in my death? Sasuke...
    Sasuke: ...what the...?!
    Itachi: I ask once more..."what can you see before your very eyes?"

    Verification: Pending
    Source: NF
    Credits: Kumanri

    No cover page

    Sasuke: Hmph, not good enough.
    Picture shows Itachi's blood dripping from Sasuke's sword.
    Itachi: I recognize your growth. have placed too much faith in your improvement...
    The entire room started to change in appearance.

    Stirring up - To go beyond Itachi's level...!

    Sasuke's thoughts: Genjutsu...?! No, I didn't meet his eyes...
    The throne and Itachi who was seated there, along with Sasuke's sword were swallowed by the floor.
    Sasuke's thoughts: It's genjutsu from the very beginning...?!
    The crows gathered to form Itachi.
    This Itachi has been stabbed in the chest and blood is dripping from the wound.
    Then, the wound closes.
    Sasuke: ?!
    Itachi: Did you think... it will be okay as long as you don't see with your eyes...?
    Sasuke: This is just like...
    Sasuke looks at his surroundings and recalls the time he was caught in Tsukuyomi.
    Itachi: The entire hideout is binded in a a genjutsu dimension. Try getting out of here...Sasuke
    Sasuke: Fine... (Sasuke reopens his eyes with Sharingan activated.)
    Sasuke's thoughts: It's not working. It's a very strong genjutsu....but....
    The walls and ceiling spiral around the what remains of Itachi's image.
    Sasuke's thoughts: I'm not going to be engulfed in this!
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