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I've been waiting for that since the Mist arc, it has yet to happen. That's not to say he hasn't received lots of power-ups, they're just all one-offs or amazing-come-out-of-nowhere-and-increase-his-power-ten-fold powerups. Where's the talent? =(
hey dude you twisted my words. i never said anything about naruto getting help from the kyuubi but you did bring up an interesting point. true naruto's main victories are either via main character protection or kyuubi aided. chances are naruto's ultra uber super duper power boost is gonna be him learning to control the kyuubi which sucks ass. i hope the kyuubi gets extracted from naruto but naruto somehow doesn't die due to main character protection and with the kage bunshin training he learns some jutsus, quits being a retard, and finally starts kicking ass without the kyuubi's help. but i'm pretty sure non of that is gonna happen :(