Hi, firstly, I did not make this, my scanlation group's cleaner did. All credit should go to Aterin. I just thought I'd post it so people knew this skill.
Also, I'm going to post in steps. Please comment on each step, as I'll be adding them one after the other but not necessarily all at once, ok?
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HQ Cleaning Guide
First Released: Jan. 15th, 2008
Last Updated: Jan. 15th, 2008
Revision Version: 1

Hey there, I'm Banana_Samurai but this is Aterin's guide, you may know me as the guy who runs Dragon Guard- the group that releases HQ Rave Master.


Open your RAW page, if it's in jpg or any other file format form convert it to .png. Note: Be sure you do your cleaning with a .png file.

Next if the page isn't straight go to the Image tab, then down to Rotate Canvas and click on "Abitrary". Depending on which way the page needs to rotate you either use cw or ccw. NOTE: It's important that you do this step now because if you do it in later steps it will mess up the quality of the page.

Go to the image tab, then click on "Image Size". A box like the one in the picture should come up.

Change the resolution from 300 or whatever it may be to 150; be sure to change the resolution before changing anything else in that box. Next change the width in "Pixel Dimensions" to 754 pixels. Click okay and exit the box. Now go back to the Image tab; this time go to Canvas Size. Change just the Height to 1150 pixels. Make sure also that it's in pixels and not in inches.