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Thread: Bleach Fanclub

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    The Psycho Noah Psycho's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    ok so anyone that wants to be in Div. 6 use this im gunna make more/better buttons later dont have time right now XD
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    Millennium Army Earl angelic_error's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    fucking hole called earth.
    *edit* i did a quick job with ms paint.

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    The Pianist Phizzie's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Somewhere over the rainbow. =P
    (i dont noe wat took me so long to join)
    lolol can i please be 5th squad capt? xP
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    Member lzyjosh's Avatar
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    the red dot
    lol, I wanna be in 11th division, erm vice captian!

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    Uwah! 2 new members. welcome.

    And we have some new buttons to add - Thanks everyone and i don't mind at all if the buttons are made by using paint... it's just show you are more skillful than me =p

    I'm quite busy lately with my school and timetable adjustment [i hate timetable!!!] so I won't be making any buttons for now... maybe a couple more weeks after I've settled down with my new classes and 'family', I'll try to make some.

    Thanks everyone for your contribution!

    ps::offtopic [on the verge of tears] I hate timetable!
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    나는 초밥을 사랑한다 <3 Reliant Killers's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Two lefts dont make a right...but a GUN does
    ooh can i take captain division 12?

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    Sanji + Luffy = Sanjuffy trebay57's Avatar
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    Kansas City, Kansas

    I made this for Division 13. Hope you guys like it. :nod
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    Sensei samurai's Avatar
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    No man`s land
    Can i be the captain in the 9th division?

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    Full Member Muzikage's Avatar
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    Ep-Town, Rhode Island
    I did quick with MS Paint for Division 7

    bleach fc.jpg
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    Nomad BabiiAdaa's Avatar
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    Far Far Away
    Although they are VERY tiny, I made two buttons since I was bored:

    Cat Yoruichi:

    [Chibi] Ichigo:

    They aren't for any specific division. I made it with Paint again!
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