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Thread: Bleach Fanclub

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    The Psycho Noah Psycho's Avatar
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    and ill start on some buttons asap

    As i fight to the top darkness overwelms all who oppose me.

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    Welcome everybody!

    I'd like to be the 13th Division captain. I'm not all that much of a leader.
    Oh, that's okay.

    Hell - I'll have first division captain if you're dishing out
    I'm not dishing out. I just thought that I wanted to be higher than everybody... including the sou-taicho.:smile

    I'd like to join, just dunno what division ^^
    Well I'll just 'assign' you to the normal rank shinigami until you've decided.

    can you change me to the captain of the 6th squad if possible
    Of course

    About the button...Well I'm asking permission from asura as the button idea is her idea if she says yes then we'll have it. but if no i'll think of something else... probaly.

    And I was also thinking of making a unique sig/button for each division. What do you guys think?

    Kay off to rest... just finished a 10 hour journey and I'm exhausted.
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    yeah i like the unique sig thing its sound pretty cool

    As i fight to the top darkness overwelms all who oppose me.

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    Count me in!!!!
    i'd like to be the 9th Division Vice-Captain

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    Division 2 Captain plz. Position of Soi Fong.

    Info list of whos what.

    1st Division Captain: Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni: Supreme commander of the Gotei 13

    2nd Division Captain: Soi Fong: Commander of Covert Operations and Executive Militia

    3rd Division Captain: Ichimaru Gin

    4th Division Captain: Unohana Retsu: Healing

    5th Division Captain: Aizen Sousuke

    6th Division Captain: Kuchiki Byakuya

    7th Division Captain: Komamura Sajin

    8th Division Captain: Kyouraku Shunsui

    9th Division Captain: Tousen Kaname

    10th Division Captain: Hitsugaya Toushiro

    11th Division Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi

    12th Division Captain: Kurotsuchi Mayuri: Scientist

    13th Division Captain: Ukitake Juushiro
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    can i be
    3rd Division Captain:

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    fucking hole called earth.
    11th division zaraki kenpachi please

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    Yay... I got the green light. So we'll be having our own button to promote this fanclub. I'll start right away and anybody that want to contribute to the button making is very welcome to do so. =)
    If life is a dream, then I'd wake up screaming.

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    Rukia's bathing helper plz?

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