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    Bleach Bleach Fanclub

    So I thought I'll start a Bleach Fanclub since I enjoy the anime/manga so much.

    I thought we'll have fun with the joinage like the other Fanclub.

    Em... I think I should explain a few things first... and since this page is already long as it is, I'll put it in a spoiler...


    The Thirteen Gotei

    :: Division 1 ::
    Captain: noodleplugerine
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 2 ::
    Captain: Arrancar Grimmjow
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 3 ::
    Captain: Clavat
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 4 ::
    Captain: fawad=naruto
    Vice Captain: iseeandwitness

    :: Division 5 ::
    Captain: Phizzie
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 6 ::
    Captain: Psycho
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 7 ::
    Captain: Muzikage
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 8 ::
    Captain: Hotaru
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 9 ::
    Captain: samurai
    Vice Captain: ktchris69

    :: Division 10 ::

    Captain: BabiiAdaa
    Vice Captain: Bleach&Psyren

    :: Division 11 ::
    Captain: angelic_error
    Vice Captain: lzyjosh

    :: Division 12 ::
    Captain: Reliant Killers
    Vice Captain:

    :: Division 13 ::
    Captain: trebay57
    Vice Captain: Jack de Siec

    :: Normal rank Shinigami ::


    #1 niorjan45
    #2 razor886
    #4 gin0va
    #6 Di3


    Bleach quiz
    -Bleach Take the quiz

    Yay!!! We now have our own button....

    Click to show the buttons

    Ps: I'm still very new to this Fanclub idea. So, if anybody have any idea how to make this club more interesting, your opinion is most welcome.

    Pss:By the way, division sig/button, should have the Division number written on it to clarify which division it is. If not, it will not be count as a division sig, okay? And now the Arrancar membership is also open =)
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