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Thread: Bleach Fanclub

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    hope she dies then ichigo will go crazy muahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sushi View Post
    *blows a fireball at Trebay, but narrowly misses his head. singed off a few hairs, though*
    o .o *sniff sniff* Oh no you *cough* didn't! *runs up to you and powers up fist* Falcon... PUUUNCH! *connects it with your face*
    Excuse me, may I see yo panties?

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    she wont die shinigami dont die by a sword to the gut and evne if the get to her and she is on the verge of dying dun da dun!!! inoue to the rescue then inoue and ichigo.......fall in love event hough i thought it would be ichigo and rukia its not going to be

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    i would like to join please.....
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    i would like to join i would like ot be a vice captine i dont care in which division

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    fawad=naruto & ronreflex you're both in. Uwaah, since lectures start I've been seriously neglecting this Fanclubs...

    Um let's revive it!!!! Yea...

    I found a very... particular quiz. Take the quiz and tell us who you had to kissed, kay?

    Bleach Take the quiz

    Yea, i had to kissed Kira - Choke! He was not what I expected...
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    Umm, sadly, I got Kisuke... Not that I hate him and he's strong, but hey, I don't consider him good-looking at all...
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    fucking hole called earth.


    Quote Originally Posted by BabiiAdaa View Post
    Umm, sadly, I got Kisuke... Not that I hate him and he's strong, but hey, I don't consider him good-looking at all...
    I picked 13 and it had to be a guy ><

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    Can I opt to leave this fanclub? Bleach sucks now. :(

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    I did that spin the bottle thing and it showed Aizen... I wish it were Rukia...

    Speaking of Rukia, why isn't she in the manga more now? I'm done with Ichigo fighting, it takes an entire volume for one fight, Give me more Rukia!

    I don't think she's going to doe anytime soon. But for my assumption in how this arc will end is with either the Vizard coming in or Isshin coming in. I don't think the Shinigami will make there move for a while.
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