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    Well i'd be really impress if mayuri comes out next chapter and says "just as planned, now i know how they steal bankai" , the captains would reveal that they release a bankai dud engineered by mayuri(though i don't know how he could replicate a dud bankai).... then at the last page mayuri gives a rape face... quincies getting terrified lols

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    There's no guarantee that the Quincy can steal more than one Bankai at a time.

    This would be a perfect opportunity for the VCs to go "Something something training for Aizen, we haven't been just sitting around so forth and so on!" and then release THEIR OWN bankai. Of course we already know Renji's, and the other three VCs can finally step up and become more than filler/comic relief characters. Then while the Quincy are "full" off of the first Bankai, the Captain/VC teams would strike, with the VC's providing the power and attack (via their Bankai), and the Captains providing Kido support and strategy (explaining the weaknesses and how to defeat their own Bankai).

    But yeah, that's not gonna happen. Also, this arc seems to be progressing as fast as the Fullbringer arc. This being last arc + "Bleach will last for another 10 years" = Error :-/


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    Fucking lovely chapter.

    That child molester smile from spiked Unohana does not bode well for Renji.

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    What if Grimmjow shows up and fights aside Ichigo vs the Quincy(cause the quincies would kill all of them anyways) OR because of Ichigo's recharge with reiatsu from all the captains, Ichigo begins to lose control of the hollow(which i hope that still lies somewhere deep inside him) again in the next chapter..... just saying, Grimmjow was already confirmed as being alive and having an important future role.... and i also think that the alive espadas will team up with what will remain of soul society (because the quincies will kill them all anyways so why not) that i think will refuge in the real world after the Quincies will take over soul society and take gigais from Urahara then Ishida(father) and Isshin would reveal their past while plotting with the rest of soul society and espadas against the quincies.
    I also think that Aizen might be back(hopefully on the good side fighting quincies at Yamamoto's order that would make some sort of deal like reducing his penalty or just erasing it)

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    I would like to see the quincy incorporate the bankais they took into their bodies like he did with the hollow he killed, that would be kinda cool
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