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    Lmao, Komamura got owned by that little girl. Hmn... I would like to be really excited about this match ups but we don't have any background on these new opponents. We don't even know the range of their power like Kubo did with the espadas.

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    Lol this was so early.... typical bleach matchups... now its confirmed that there are a lot of stern Ritters, not only 7... maybe more than 20 more or less... if they base it by the letters(stern Ritter U, who looks like the spawn of tousen and afro samurai lols, Stern RItter F = The ring movie girl, Stern Ritter E), there are 26 letters in the english alphabet, if kubo base it on these then there are 26 stern Ritter excluding or including buckbeard <--- i bet this guy is Stern Ritter A...lols, if the letters are base on A the strongest and Z the weakest then rose is Ok with tousen/afro samurai looking dude, too bad for kuma and byakuya/renji... the face E and F<--just assumptions though hehe

    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lmao, Komamura got owned by that little girl. Hmn... I would like to be really excited about this match ups but we don't have any background on these new opponents. We don't even know the range of their power like Kubo did with the espadas.
    Hhehe poor kuma...he was being sweet to the little girl and got Booyah.... rose is so mad(Does rose words about kira mean he is still alive? maybe about to die, though its still vague if he is dead or not...)... i hope he crushes this guy...with this too many stern ritter i'm sure that kenpachi will have a good time probably another 2 SR vs him alone...maybe even yachiru will see some action since this guys doesn't care who they attack hehe
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    You know whenever Byakuya starts to fight shit gets serious. Good chapter though.

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    Time too get bloody! Let the True fights begin!

    What's funny here are the names; Nanana, nananananana, nanananana. Does this guy have bling2x on his teeth? and seriously the gothic girl or guy looks creepy as hell. The scene were the shinigamis are stabbed by her/his needles floats in mid air and screams, its right out of a horror flick movies

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    Damn, just a chapter to cut the matchups...ahh well, still pretty nice. But @#*()*#(# REnji! You can't do crap and you're a VC!!! Come on man, bring back that resolve and ferociousness we saw you have at the beginning of the series....also, damn Kira dying. Hopefully Rose beats down some ass.

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    Classic Bleach "vs." chaper.

    Prepare for plot stagnation in 3...2...1...


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    as they started with the vizard captain they should of just focused it on him this chapter was excited to see him then ohh showing me other match ups when they just built the 1st one to the extent he was pulling out his shikai

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    We didn't see Shinji, Kensei or Yamaji. The chapter was too fast paced and kinda just threw all the match ups out there... meh.

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    Hmmm, I was right only with Kyouraku's Vs's :p.

    So, Bambie is using some kind of whip weapon and the thorn guy has his weapon hidden within that flame/light/smoke behind him ?


    I guess he meant this:

    So yes, Renji is right, every Star Knight should posses this ability.

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