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    Chapter 27 is available from helz0ne.

    Anyway, looks like Ageha is going to be a speed based rise user and Hiryuu is going for defence (and strength?)...

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee are just useless... They'll probably get sensory based rise powers... Remember Kabuto seeing Tatsuo's gun reloading?... Eyes of a hawk!

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    That was a good chapter. Funny ending. Did Dholaki do that blast or was it those other guys around her? Anyways that was pretty powerful.

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    I was seriously starting to forget the different types of psi, so I had to read some previous chaps before I went to 27 =.= (so ashamed...)

    With this chapter, and recent chapters, I can see that the only grounded characters are Ageha, Amamiya and Hiryuu, the rest are all stupid, idiots, or just plain crazy...but, that isn't a bad thing.


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    It seems that now, our crew are turning into monsters. They're quickly catching up with Amamiya.
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    This chapter was really great. Can't wait for the next one.

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    Chapter 28....I wonder what Kabuto is planning to do and what's so special about that house; why it's still standing in the future. Always so many questions when a manga is this young . Good chapter though. As for Mochizuki Oboro...I'll be keeping my eye on him.
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    do you guys think that ageha will be able to control his power?
    it was amazing that "melchsee's door" it'd be cool f he was able to control it..
    it was funny that he thought that he'd be training in amamiya's room XD
    hez really air headed..he3

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    Psyren #01:

    Psyren #02:

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    Am i the only one that thinks Psyren is a bit similar with Matrix? the phone cabins, the other world (that is the same world in reality but post apocalyptic)... anyone never noticed this?

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    yea..i just noticed it
    but you kno the present is real, in matrix the world is fake and they are living a made up lie..
    beside psyren is much cooler than matrix, i didnt like that much..

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