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dude I said the following storyline:
Oro fights Sandaime;
Oro fights Naruto;
Oro trains that afternoon with Sasuke and gives him the sword;
Oro makes Sasuke fight against random shinobis.

The whole scene when Sasuke is sitting on top of the shinobi's is not a flashback, it happened AFTER the fight with Kakuzu that happened god knows how much time after the fight between Naruto and Oro. If you're stating that he let Sasuke train with it and than took it I'm saying he always owned the swor till that afternoon training, where he gave it to Sasuke and Sasuke was also never seen with th sword before the fight with Kakashi's team (although the only scene with him is when he says it's time for training h wasn't carrying the swor....weird if he was already waiting to train huh). This is a supposition that I think it's better than two legendary swords or Kusanagi sword is just lost wherever Oro let it.
Okay... I think your confusing what I have been saying for the past couple quotes so ill say it as plain I can...

1st) Sandaime vs. Orochimaru (real Kusunagi)
2nd) Sasuke vs. lots of Shinobi (Sasuke's Kusunagi) **I thought this one happened before Oro vs. Naruto, can't remember page number where it is
3rd) Orochimaru vs. Naruto 4th tail (real Kusunagi)
4th) Sasuke vs. Naruto at Orochimaru's lair (Sasuke Kusunagi)

Im saying the 3rd & 4th happened in the same day in the same afternoon, re-read the manga and you'll see k?

So your telling me that Orochimaru would fight 4th tail Naruto and almost die then run back to his hide out while being followed by team Yamato, only to have team Yamato break in to Orochimaru's hide out maybe an hour or 2 later WHILE in the mean time Orochimaru rounded up a couple hundred shinobi and caused a big fight where Sasuke had to beat everyone come back to the hide out have time to take a nap AND re-hilt his sword (because heaven forbid Sasuke used a sword that had the same hilt as Orochimaru's) while team Yamato found Sai THEN be found by team Yamato and fight them too???

You have got to be the master of multi tasking if your saying this is possible o_O

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Did you read the rest of what I wrote? Changing the hilt of the sword takes not much time and you have no Ida how much time has passed since the battle with Naruto and the arrival at the hideout by Konoha. It's perfectly possible to change the hilt and then train Sasuke, give him the sword and go grab something to eat. Then I said h could also have a jutsu for such occasion, when the sword needed to be re-hilted. Also he and Naruto were using very powerful moves and I said the sword might had the hilt damaged. on the other hand we don't even saw the hilt on that fight (I think...not completely sure) so the sword might have had that hilt for god knows how long.
And yeah I DID read what you wrote so chill k?

Go re-read what I just wrote and im gonna go look for the page where Sasuke is sitting on the shinobi's he just beat up, if its before the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight then im sticking to my point, but if its after then depends on how long after and whether or not it was ment to be a flashback, cause when I read it I read it as a flashback.

Honestly you really think re-hilting a sword is that important that after almost dying Orochimaru would run back to his hide out just to change the sword hilt? Or even invent a jutsu to change a hilt? You said so yourself, "its so easy to change a hilt" so who would be stupid enough to invent a jutsu just for something like that....