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    Thriller bark has begun!

    Does anyone else feel that so far it's looking about as dragged on as Shippuuden? :/ A disappointing start though i at least liked Brooke's song and his voice in general.

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    Brooke was great, and it ended in a way that I thought it would end too, I found nothing wrong with it. Though I hope it does not drag out like shippuuden, it probably won't happen.

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    its kinda cool cant wait for the next one i wonder how many episodes thriller bark arc have the manga is not yet finished if it have 40+ epi it will consume about 10 months to finished


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    I'm thinking about maybe 20-35 episodes or so, considering that this is a side arc (lulz it is), and mainly because the size of it in the manga is about half of Enies Lobby, or Little Garden and Drum put together

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    Good start to Thriller Bark, I'm liking how they've portrayed Brook. The only thing I'm interested in is the pacing of this new arc. Thriller Bark has yet to reach a conclusion in the manga, and One Piece can easily produce a single episode with only 1 chapter of manga content with out making ti seem or feel dragged out. Guess we'll just have to see. Can't wait, good arc.

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    Its unbelivable how much TOEI improved the animation in the new episodes and this will have great impact in this arc because there number of battles and super detailed environment !

    I bet that every episode from now one will be like a mini-one piece movie concerning the quality of animation we see right now...

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    What episode does the Thriller Bark start on?

    I need to catch up. =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    What episode does the Thriller Bark start on?

    I need to catch up. =/
    Last week's episode 337 is the start of Thriller Bark, and yesterday's episode 338 has been released RAW on some sites as of now. So don't worry Kendoki, you're not too far behind.

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    Wow I dont watch the anime but their pretty caught up if they are starting on the Thriller bark arc while the manga has only just finished it and started the Kuma arc.
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    this is gonna get dragged out worse then naruto

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