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    Ah so many to choose, my fave games (In no actual order) are:

    Final Fantasy (All of them tbh)
    Gears of War (360)
    Halo 2 (X-Box)
    PoP (Again entire series) (GC)
    And the Resident Evil Series (Gc)
    Oh and Mgs and DMC for Ps2 lol

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    Final fantasy series
    Resident Evil series
    Mario on NES and SNES
    Gears of War
    Need for Speed series after Underground 2
    All the Pokemon games on the handhelds

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    My current favorite games have to be:

    Assassin's Creed
    The BIGS
    Tokyo Xtreme Racing

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    I don't play video games at all anymore, though I used to fairly regularly. I just watch anime all the time now, while messing around on the internet and reading manga.

    The last few games I played were Kingdom Hearts II and Bully, and they were good games, though KHII seemed way too short.

    One of my favorites is Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. Fantastic game. Battle system's so different from most everything else. The sequel is good, too.

    I absolutely love Zelda games, too, especially the GBA ones. They're so simple and fun. :smile
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    final fantasy series
    mario series
    castlevania series
    and many others....
    FUck this! winter is about to start!!!!

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    Final Fantasies VII-X + Tactics (Haven't played the others)
    Megaman X1-X6 - X7 went downhill to me
    MLB 07 - I don't know why I have a strange infatuation with this game.
    Starfox - all of them, genius
    Goldeneye - that's right the N64 one
    Kingdom Hearts 1&2
    Mario Kart - All of them, pure awesomeness
    DBZ: Final Bout - PS1 game that I played with a mod chip, still love it
    DBZ: something - It was all in japanese, it was an SNES game
    Super Smash Bros - Greatest excuse to invite people over and never leave the house


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    ohhs armored core is pretty hard to get use to, but once you get it, its so much fun. i've also played all of the amored core in ps2 and a couple of armored core for the play station. i got a little taste of armored core 4 for the ps3 and damms, i wish i had one T_____T

    i dont play video games very often but i loved FF 7-10(including NINE) need to catch up w/ FFXII...oh yea and FF Tactics was a lot of fun also, cant believe they didnt make more......i'd pick up disgea but i feel like i'm growing out of these video games.

    kingdom hearts 1 and 2 is also pretty fun, i love the design and gameplay

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    Favorite video game

    like the title says, tell us your favorite video game. please give a reason as to why it is your favorite, and no bashing series you dont like. it doesn't have to be a single game, you can also post your favorite games or series. also, no spoilers on games under a year old. so you can spoil prince of persia: sands of time, but not red steel.

    Favorite games: LoZ WW, LoZ TP
    reasons: wind waker was so much fun. from the figurines ( which i got them all, including knuckles with the tingle tuner), to that 2 on 1 G-dorf boss battle. the only thing that bogged it down was the sailing at first.
    For Twilight Princess, i cant say much without spoiling it, but going from wolf to human was great. one of my favorite things to do is just go around with 100 bomb arrows, and just waste them all.

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    Defidentally the Metal Gear series.

    It's fun to sneak around and silently kill people, the characters are great, and it has a nice story to it all.

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