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    Persona 3/4: Absolutely awesome in every sense of the word no games have even come close to making me care about story and characters more than these two game shave. 4 showed me that an ordinary person put in extraordinary circumstances can indeed do extraordinary things and that as long as you have support from others and determination all problems can be overcome. 3 showed me that a person can overcome normal human selfishness and do what must be done for the good of all. Best. Games. Ever.

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    alex kid in wonder world( or something like that..)

    FF 7

    Mgs&mgs 3

    tekken 3

    the sims

    crash bandicot


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    Let's see...Super Mario Allstars for the SNES, it had all of the SMB games up to that point, so that was some goodness...Resident Evil(I never really played, I just watched)...If I can think of more, I'll post later.

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    Civilization Series. I've wasted days playing these.
    Fallout Series

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    First of all, the Final Fantasy games taught me near-perfect English, which I'm very grateful for. I believe they've also contributed in my intelligence. Resident Evil got me hooked on horror movies and basically took away my fright of them. Aaand... that's about all I can think of.

    PS: Is it me, or are most posts above mine missing the whole point of this thread? I don't see why the games made you...

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    Final Fantasy 7&8 for PSX and Illusions of Time(Gaia) for the SNES showed me the importance of love and friendship. Later this happened to me again as I played Persona 3&4.
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    Runescape. Holy crap that game influenced my life like crazy...

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    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time pretty much led me to play the piano throughout high school. The opening intro song (where Link is riding Epona through Hyrule) inspired me.

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    Out of all the games that ever had a great amount of impact on me, I'd say Megaman X for the SNES had the greatest amount. 4 years old, playing through a game I had little understanding of was ver challenging, and my constant rivalry with chill penguin, extended to my brothers and my mom.

    My brother beat the hell out of the game, so whenever I was in a bind, I summoned him. But he was usually condescending, so I usually resorted to my mom, who couldnt defeat chill penguin, which would invoke my iner rage and a hysterical speech that consists of "mommy why did you get him dead!!! you killed Megaman!!!" or along those lines.

    The game also inspired me artistically, and I can safely say, was a very important in helping me appreciate art, games and cartoons on a deeper level.

    So yeah...I grew older, defeated Chill Penguin, and moved on to other things on life XDD.

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