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    ecchi can go to hell :3 emotionless_teenage's Avatar
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    under the moonlight,somewhere in malaysia
    adding to the list
    call of duty:world at war

    ayanami rei daisuki :3

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    Jun 2008
    1)Final Fantasy VII
    2)Final Fantasy X International
    3)Street Fighter(Arcade)
    4)Madden 2001
    5)Fifa 2002
    6)Dynasty Warriors(series)
    7)Final Fantasy Tactics
    9)Mortal Kombat(arcade)
    10)Phantasy Star Online
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    Slovakia, not Slovenia - LEARN THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE !!!
    there are lots of games I like but ONLY ONE IS MY FAV :

    Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Claymore, Ao No Exorcist, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Gamaran, Toriko, Vinland Saga, Gantz, Wolf Guy, Deadman Wonderland, Vagabond, Blade of The Immortal, Battle Royale, Zettman

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    Guess I should add:
    11) Soul Calibur(series)
    12) Virtua Fighter(series)
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    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." -William Shakespeare

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    A world of illusions.
    Final Fantasy 8 will always be my favourite game <3

    i remember in the 90's i'd go crazy for grand turismo for ps1. :lmao
    and those awful crash bandicoot/spyro games.

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    Well, I'm a sucker for anything with the words 'Final Fantasy' in the title, but I also enjoy Soul Calibur 4, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed(Force Grip FTW!), Disgaea:Afternoon of Darkness(psp port of the ps2 game, very good), and Castlevania X: Dracula Chronicles(The act that it has Symphony of the Night as an unlockable game practically made it sell itself).

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    The Lone Star State
    FF VII
    FF X
    Ninja Gaiden Black
    Almost any pokemon game...lolz
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    Star Wars Force Unleashed
    FF VII Crisis Core

    u gotta love final fantasy 7, just rapes souls

    i really liked the graphics on that game^^..even now to me they are good, (compared to other ps2 games)

    Hard fuckin game...I mean...HARD..but always kept me wanting more and had me it!

    lol pokemon!..only caught them all in yellow, silver and ruby.....sigh...xD

    i just loved the was it was made, badass gangster story, no lame rap songs, only the badass oldschool ones, good rock song as well, just a fun game to play and and literally "screw the rule i got money"

    the game play just blew me away! fuckin star wars game..especially the beginning, darth vader rapes wookies, graphics couldve been abit better..BUT! still good

    its fuckin crisis core...what else should i say?^^ xD

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    In The Jungle
    fallout 3 n elder scrolls: oblivion are also really good. my mood changes, as i am currently into playing rpgs, so these 2 r probably my favs atm.

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    Games that made me.

    If you're a gamer, or at least grew up with games - I bet some of these made an impact on your life.

    Some of the games I played "formed" me as a person, simply because they were exceptionally good with gameplay, deep story with deep characters etc.

    My personal favorites is as follows:

    1: Final Fantasy 9 (and the genre itself, but 9 was by far the best IMO. 7 is good, but overrated - Sephiroth is still the numder 1 villain, followed by Kefka.)
    2: Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. I didn't like the third game, since it differed too much from the two others. I haven't played the fourth one, but I've heard it's quite good - I don't have a PS3 and I won't buy it just to play through MGS4.
    3: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. Hey, who wouldn't love a short guy with a green hat, sword and shield that's rolling around screaming while fighting monsters and solving puzzles??
    4: Silent Hill - Deep and original story.
    5: Halo/Half Life - Both with an epic story and gameplay.

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    Isnt this supposed to be in the video games section?

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