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    I hated at the start but then i started doing the missions and i loved it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kai205 View Post
    Mine was and, until the remake of part XII comes out, still is Final Fantasy XIII
    You mean remake of FFVII and FFVIII? Or you played the game that doesn't even exist?

    It's really hard to choose but Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Prince of Persia: Sands of time and Okami had somethig magical.

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    Baldur's Gate saga. Very old now, it was hard to get into, but once there storyline gets the hold of you, it doesn't let go til its over.
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    Single Player: FF VIII I
    I just loved the storyline. It was very indepth and made you feel like you were a part of the game. The battle system was very original and allowed you a lot of customization. One of the few games I can play over and over again.

    Online: CoD 4
    The way they made the online system was a breath of fresh air. Instead of the usual go around and kill they give you challenges and level gaining. These challenges give you something to do and aim for instead of just running around aimlessly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xl Haseo lx View Post
    Final Fantasies 7 & 9 tie as well. I must have put 80 hours into each of those FFs per playthrough.
    Quote Originally Posted by jio999 View Post
    FF 9 hands down such a colorful world and great characters to this day my fav is still Zidane FTW!!!! but kh2 is a close second lol
    dear lord. people who appreciated FF9??? heck, 2 of em'???? in the same thread???? am i in a Video Game Shangri-La? cuz seriously, i don't ever wanna leave!!!

    anyway, it's generic and kinda unoriginal of a choice, but i'd go for GTA: Vice City. i just missed the coolness of the 80's. then there's MGS3. the military drama, the kinda near realistic character health status, and loads of easter eggs and secrets to unlock. Then there's Zelda 64. one of the games that introduced us to free roaming in vast areas in video games. honorary mentions goes to Sonic 2 and Okami.
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    Mine would be taiko drum master, Oendan and of course smash bro.

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    Powder Game. BD Amuses me for hours. Just freeze the time, do something absurd and watch the little pixels fly around the screen and send little rambunctious fighter people to jump into silly looking pixel lava. Trauma Center S.O, Halo3 & Rockband are stupidly fun too though, in fact they're better than the Powder Game. Hands down.

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    TrueCrime or dunno what its name was.....

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    imma push back a bit further on some of these games being mentioned.... id have to go with chrono trigger or possibly secret of mana? those were some good classic rpgs. first rpg i layed hands on was super mario rpg.. and man did i love that game =)

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    planescape torment

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