I was reading a thread about Orochimaru and Sasori and I was thinking about how everyone says Orochimaru is weak in the way that he was killed and stuff but I was thinking... Where is Orochimaru's real body?

All we know is that he's missing his hand and part of his forearm and that his "real" form is the white snake. But his technique only transfer's his soul to the other body so then wth is the white snake all about? I think its what happens to the body when he transfers his soul into it, kinda like a representation of him inside the body and he just uses the skin and technically "body" to move around. Because if all he was doing was jumping from one body to another then it isn't much of an immortality technique, just jumping from inside one body to another. So there that explains the white snake I think.

Now if he transfered his soul out of his old body into a new body then what happened to the old body? Does it turn all black and dead like his arms did when Sarutobi cut his soul arms off? Probably. But I think that Orochimaru new about this problem before he did his first successful transfer and probably had Kabuto preserve his body in some liquid or ice or something so his body didn't decay for just in case......HE WANTED TO COME BACK!!!

hehe so theres my question. Do you think Orochimaru's body is still around and if so would he transfer back into it to show everyone why he was called a Sannin at one point?

I bet if this were to be true then he's probably much stronger than his bodies have been (since all he's really been trying to do is learn all the jutsu's in the world) and when he comes back maybe he will be an end boss or something for Sasuke?

Sidenote: The only monkeywrench in all this is Kabuchimaru and what his purpose is at all...He might just be an interesting mini boss before Orochimaru, dunno though, or it could just be that he's another random character that Orochimaru kinda spawned without his knowledge that Naruto will level up on.

Leave comments on what everyone thinks. Thanks