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I think that he will learn how to control it. That is probably what Naruto and Jaraiya were doing during the time skip. Obviously he only got to 4 tails and lost his mind but that doesnt mean he'll never be able to control it...its just one of those obstacles he has to overcome. I doubt the 4th sealed the Kyuubi in his son just so Naruto could fuck it up and not be able to control the Kyuubi's power. Im sure the 4th knew that the Kyuubi will try to control naruto and I doubt he would take such a big risk to seal it in Naruto unless he knew his son can control it....or he is just a terrible father.

And Im sure that Jaraiya knew about Minato's plan. Remember the part when Naruto was learning how to walk on water and J-man opened the seal a little bit for Naruto. That is such a big risk! And Naruto is getting that scroll about the seal on Naruto from Jaraiya. So who knows what Jaraiya did to train Naruto to control the Kyuubi. That is probably why it seems like why Naruto didnt learn much when he came back...all he did was learn how to control the Kyuubi.
I quoted myself because i found these pages to support my previous statement. Naruto 370 | Read naruto chapter 370 manga online
Naruto 370 | Read naruto chapter 370 manga online
Its obvious that J-man just trained Naruto the whole time to master using the Kyuubi's power...to complete "that jutsu".