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i thought naruto could only get up to 4 tails because yondy split the yin and yang chakra and suppressed one of them. if naruto was to pass anything tahts 4 tails, that means maybe he'll unleash both yin and yang chakras??
No only the ying (or yang, forgot which one) chakra was sealing within Naruto and the other yang (ying maybe?) chakra was sealed in Tengu.

I think Naruto will learn how to control more of the tails but there will be a point (maybe 7th or 8th tail) that he starts to lose control, but it will probably be a wild card for him to use only if he really has too, like if the Evangelion Angels come Konoha or if Majin Boo ever comes back.

Would be cool though if Naruto could learn to combine the black chakra energy ball bullet attack he did to Orochimaru with his Rasengan and when he explodes all his energy out like he does to form the ball, instead it will all come together and make a cool rasengan, I think that would be a way cooler animation than the normal rasengan, plus he can add it to the Rasengan line; Original Rasengan, Oodama Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken, and now Black Obsolite Orangutan Gargantuan Eclipse Rasengan or B.O.O.G.E.R for short

And no Im not high right now