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    Naruto Shippūden 266: "The First and Last Opponent"

    Sorry I am not good as Xerenix when it comes to setting up links, but if you go to 480p Torrent
    You can find the DDL or Torrent link for the new episode at this website


    Side note: I enjoyed the translation in the manga better with Kakashi's speech about how it takes a lot to make him mad
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    Thanks Greed. Had to work later than usual today so didn't have time to make this thread.

    Overall this was a great episode with the flashbacks making sense unlike the previous episode but seems we won't get a extended fight with the 7 swordsmen in the anime :(.

    Can't wait for next episode!

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    Not bad for an Naruto animation. The last time I watched it was when Kushina appeared... anyway, for a moment there I was like: "Oh yes, Kakashi's rampage, now they can show it rather than making some stupid fillers... oh damn, it skipped to Garaa...".

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    This was another great episode very emotional stuff :p

    The anime team should be smart and expand these fights. This is the perfect way to expand the story without making retarded fillers.

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    Kakashi feel angry about Kabuto's Edo Tensen, thats terrible!
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    I really feel like the drama in this episode worked out better than the manga itself, probably because of the music/pacing. I wish the same attention had been given to the Edo Tensei explanation a few episodes ago, but we can't have everything.

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