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    Ouran Koukou Host Club - Discussion Thread

    Okay.. after saw all shoujo manga thread... i cant believe theres nobody talking about this one =D... Ouran Koukou Host Club or Ouran High School Host Club is a story about an elite High School where rich people goes... and theres people that got nothing to do... and that people form a new club ... but unfortunately the club isnt ordinary club... its Host club ;p

    This manga is more like drama and comedy .... you must read it =D its funny =D

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    I watched the anime and loved it, but I've never read the manga. Do you have some links to download them?

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    hmm i dont have particular ddl link... i got them from, lurk, Vampire knight channel...

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    i agree i hav read it
    its really good ><
    well i know where u can read it online
    they hav it on
    i think
    its pretty popular so u'll find it i think on almost all big manga sites
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    this series is awesome. Especialy for girls - there is no way that you can't love the hosts.
    A lot of people only watch the anime, and complain about there not being a second season. Just read the manga. The stories are more indepth - concentrating more on characters and less on humor - also, the humor is more funny and less exagerated. The manga also continues where the anime stops.

    Thats not too say the anime is bad, I love the anime, but the manga is better.

    Can download the manga at anime eden

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    they have all the latest scanlations.

    I love the series. I'm more of a manga fan for Ouran HS Host Club

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    heh i like both the anime n manga...pity there isnt enough manga material for a 2nd season..but the anime was really comparable to the manga in my opinion. The music was gd n the voice acting(japanese)was awesome too. Really nice. But honestly the manga would be better if it wasnt a damn monthly release...

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    well yeah... after all its popular manga lol... i cant wait for a new one sigh...

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    Ouran Host Club...I love it to pieces! The anime was awesome. Miyano Mamoru (my favorite seiyuu) did an amazing job as Tamaki. NO ONE could have done better.

    You can't help but fall in love with the Host Club and Haruhi is unlike any other shoujo hero. The only problem is...I can't choose who I like better: Tamaki or Kaoru!!

    But I am a huge supporter of TamaxHaru!

    Its a great manga~!
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    I've seen the anime and I really enjoyed it. The Host Club is just so funny. The voice actors did a really good job on it. I'm following the manga and I can't wait for the next chapter!!

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