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    Quote Originally Posted by jio999 View Post
    Idk if this is the right place to ask but o well
    does anyone know where I can download or read the monster soul chapters because I started reading and I cant stop lol
    You can read it here. Only two chapters are released so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by vidzey View Post
    maybe blazer drive is a good addition to the list.
    Quote Originally Posted by R@GN0R/\K View Post
    hey Rosario+Vampire is shounen right, how come it aint in the list?

    Note that it's not we don't want to add them to the list, just say it like you've done and we'll put in the list any shonen manga (that has its discussion thread) we missed.

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    black cat,kekkaishi, to love ru (if u think its shounen its jus ecchi if u ask me ,not that i mind XD)
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    Added To Love-Ru, but Black Cat and Kekkaishi don't have any discussion thread around the forums.

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    k ill start them

    edit:added both of them jus link them now
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    Hmm I wasnt sure where to put what I need to say but I jsut bought the first volume of this manga called Toto! and I think it is incredible it starts off extremely funny then it just keeps getting better I suggest everone at least take a look at this manga

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    has anyone scanlated toto?
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    i dont see an online reader link for slam dunk, but im quite sure it can be read at one manga

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    Yeah, maybe, but the links we are putting here are the ones to Mangashare's forum discussion threads and Mangashare's reader.

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