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    Lenalee's still semi okay, the only reason that theres some dislike is partially because she cant use her innocence weapon and mostly because she cut her hair is not short


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    maybe lenalees inocence changed into a parasite type, the marks on her legs...

    i dont like some of the good sweet tooth, or skin boric, just didn't like him...

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    i HATE Lavi, he NEEDS to like DIE and stay DEAD.


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    i dont like kanda. hate is such a loaded word so i tend not to use it. i just dont like kanda's attitude...
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    after the latest chapter, Im changing my mind about chaoji

    his alright.. he has a reason for being angry

    tho he still isn't realy a favorite..

    I think lenalee looks better without her hair.. she looks less cutesy wootsy, and more like a fighter... even if she hasn't been doing much fighting

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    Krory since he is an emo vampire that annoys me I welcome the anime eps to catch up to the manga.

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    I hope Lenalee recovers soon, cuz the sooner she looses the helpless damsel in distress expression she's been having recently, the better. She used to be one badass chick and I hope she gets it back. But, should she remain as she is, go to hell for all I care.

    Another non-favourite (I wouldn't go as far as to hate manga characters) is Chaoji, regardless of the events of ch.126 or maybe just because of them. Before, Chaoji was just someone you could just disregard but if he becomes an exorcist I'm gonna have to start paying him some attention.

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    I hate Cross.
    I hate this kind of men, having poor consideration for women, and spending money (of others) that much. A perfect jerk XD

    And I hate Kanda and his bad temper.

    But with every people I hate, I still love them in a certain point ^^
    Don't ask, I'm crazy XD

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    Hrmmm....personally Kanda's looks good but he's boring, i just skimmed through the chapters with Kanda starring instead of Allen.
    So yeah, i dont like Kanda

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    im gonna have 2 go with chaoji as well

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