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    Earl is so cool, why hate him T_T.

    I love most of DGM characters. The least would be Kanda.

    I usually like the quiet and cool type of character but this Kanda dude is too far.

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    All the D. Gray Man characters are cool, although Chaoji does deserve some scorn considering his reaction after Allen saved him and was dragged down...


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    So much hate for Chaoji... o____o
    I don't quite like him either, though.

    Right now the only character I hate is Lenalee.

    She was so cool at the beginning of the manga... but after/around chapter, uh, 60, I think, she became whiny and sort of useless almost immediately. I hate that, because I'd finally found a female manga character who I didn't want to strangle, and so I feel betrayed, in a sense. xD
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    Chaoji. He's the ONLY character I don't like in the entire manga. I thought he was ok until he said those things to Allen or whatever.
    Lenalee's being annoying right now... but I haven't given up hope yet! She'll probably get back into action soon.

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    Well, I don't like Jasdebi. Other then the fact that they brought Krory to discover new powers of his inoncence, there is nothing else I like about them.

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    I like everyone in the manga except the panda guy. damn he is like the earl

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    I dont like Jasdero (I dont hate him, I only dislike him)

    Nobody likes Chaoji ^^U... Well, I dont like him in chapters 124~125 (but only in these two)

    Even while you are in pain, your happiness will be waiting.

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    hm... i don't like that chaoji too...
    maybe because he didn't do much action until now.
    But still i don't like him.

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    i'm also also starting to hate the new super-Tyki....he was way more lovable as his normal seems as thought he's lost all humanity in his new form: all he does is wack people around with those tentacles, smile evilly, and laugh.
    i want old Tyki back!!!

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    I don't think "Super-Tyki" is Tyki. I think it's some kind of monster that was living in Tyki that he didn't know about. By the way, after reading some comments, I'm starting to dislike Lenalee. Like some people said, she's being annoying and she was awesome in the beginning. Now, she's some helpless girl that's only crying and being protected.
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