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    Question Who do you think has the shortest life span?

    Curiosity got the better of me guys, sorry. Seriously, who do you think is gonna die first? I'm aiming mostly for input on whether it's Allen or Kanda but discussions on the longetivity of the other characters are welcome too.

    I say Allen will die before Kanda at the end because:
    • He's a Parasitic Type (which drains life force). He's been using it to exorcise at a younger age than other Exorcists and he'll be using his Innocence a whole lot more.
    • He's going to have a showdown with the Earl, the biggest bad guy, and it might take some sort of sacrifice on Allen's part.
    • Kanda won't die until he meets 'that person' who will probably appear before the end. But he's decided he's still going to outlive the beansprout.

    It's either that or Allen would be someone akin to Rosette Christopher in the last chapters of Chrno Crusade. Either way it would be sad.

    I also won't be able to reply to any comments until somewhere in February or March so I apologise for not being here in advance.
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