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    Quote Originally Posted by odame rasengan master View Post
    in case u haven't noticed, bleach is mostly about getting insanly strong and then having to find someone 10000 times stronger just so u can get stronger again.
    thats why i love it so much!!!
    Actually, I think Bleach is more about a little wuss who can't control his power properly, and fanboys and girls giving a silver haired newbie way too much screen time.

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    if ichigo's a wuss i wonder wat naruto is.
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    hes already really strong if he even got a shikai it'll be ownage
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    Quote Originally Posted by odame rasengan master View Post
    if ichigo's a wuss i wonder wat naruto is.
    narutos a vagina

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    kenpachi + bankai = chuck norris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catedral View Post
    kenpachi + bankai = chuck norris
    that 2 overpowerd fight
    manga's and anime i follow or followed

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    I posted this in an earlier thread so i thought I would post it again, lol

    Zaraki's will finally figure out the name of his zanpakto when he is fighting arrancar #2 (forgot who it is at the moment) and when he is about to die, the sword will speak to him in a vision, exactly like zangetsu did for ichigo when he fought him, then he will release and kill arrancar #2. After that, Zaraki will still be bad ass about it and say some shit like:

    Zaraki: "All this time, why didnt you say a word?"
    Zanpakto: "I wanted to watch you suffer before i helped you for all the suffering i have gone through"
    ::Zaraki throws away sword::
    Zaraki: "Well, sucks to be you now don't it"

    Even thought the prediction was wrong, its still funny

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    I hope that if Kenpachi ever releases his Zanpakto that it will be a niche sort of weapon and not just super powerful. Something like mimicking his opponents zanpakto or negating to power of someone's release.
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