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    you know what i wounder what kenpachis bankai will be like if he learns his zanpaktous name

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    maybe his hair will turn into something

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    that would be sick if hair turned like red and then his sword turned like gaint like the tetsaiga from inuyasha

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    yea lol

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    He doesnt get to know the name.

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    So he will never learn the name

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    He will, but he won't die, he's yet to shikai and bankai (i really doubt he'll die when he learns it, if anything everyone else who fights him will die)

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    well i cant wait and i thought that his zanpaktou was already released in shikai form because of his immense spritual pressure i think he said so during his fight with ichigo

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    i think they meant everyone will die if zaraki learns his zanpakto's name

    he's gonna butcher some spiritual creatures like hell

    i wanna see that one day
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    i think the moment he figures out the name of his sword it will automatically release into Bankai and stay that way. And the world shakes everytime he takes a step.
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    So unless the story ends with everyone dead several times over, he will not get bankai

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