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    Bleach Kenpachi's Zanpaktou?

    I was just wondering if kenpachi ever finds out the name of his zanpaktou in future episodes after seeing his previous attempts at trying to talk to his zanpaktou

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    i would really like to see that it would make him twice as powerful

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    Im not sure if this is true but i herd when kenpachi learns the name of his zanpaktou he dies.

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    where u hear that from

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    On some bleach web site forgot the name of the site and as i said im not sure if its true just wanted to know if some one else herd something like that

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    well I havent heard of that

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    cool well i didnt think it was true when i herd it cause if u think about it how could knowing the name of your zanpaktou kill you

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    yea lol that would be funny

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    ya That would be funny but i would still like to see it happen to some one

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    yea that would odd lol

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