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Thread: Maplestory

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    After watching the video that Sushi posted, I have to say that this game wouldn't keep my attention for more than a day or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenrow View Post
    trust me it isn't

    it's the biggest waste of space since runescape. Don't Play it

    It's a place where gaiafags and and retards come to converse. Basically think of it as a place where people who play WoW think it's gay and is for losers, which ironically is true
    whoa, don't knock runescape. I gotta say, maplestory is truly the biggest waste of time ever, but like the one guy said, if you bring some real friends along (and you also spend your time teasing or avoiding the prick 12 year olds) you can have some fun with this game. But i will say this, even hacking the game gets old, I haven't done it in over a year, i'll admit, so i'm not really sure how easy/hard it's gotten, but i know that leeching is overly easy and that causes a lot of show offs to come around and get things patched up quickly.

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    Okay I'll explain why this is such a waste of time. Most and I mean MOST MMOs out there have some kind of objective. The objective for maple story is to level up and that's it. The thing with maple story is that it's a very VERY slow grind and level up to an OMFG UBER HIGH LEVEL serves no purpose. You literally can't do anything with your levels other than killing stronger monsters to gain more levels. Every quest in this freakin game is just hunt and gather items to gain more items and more exp for your levels.

    I mean at least with WoW there are PVP servers so you at least get to do something that tests your meret.

    Yeah like the other guys said, download Ragnarok Online. Make sure to go on private servers, because the official ones tend to die due to the excessive amounts of players openning shops. RO at the leasts has PVP and better yet they have an in game competition known as War of Emperium, which basically is like capture the flag, only with monsters and other PVP players guarding the flag.

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    Yeah I played MS from back in the Beta days and I regret every second of it now. The game was cool back in the day when they locked the beta version but then they came out with the official version and now all manner of scammers, farmers, hackers, fags, myspace rejects, and others play it. I used to be one of the high level guys for a while in the game and was even a personal Priest for a lot of high level guys who were total asshats. Honestly the whole community in MS is sooo fucked up its rediculous, all the high levels think that since their levels in a game that their a "high level" in real life -_-.

    Pretty much filled with losers and people who hack/share accounts non stop all so that they are a "high level" in a free MMORPG lol. I used to defend MS and think that maybe if the high levels banded together that maybe we could change the game, but that was not the case.

    Don't bother playing, the games permanently fucked and cannot be fixed. Ever.

    Trust me, going outside and playing with friends or whatever its a billion times better and more sociable than so fake ass world online...
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    usually the free mmorpg's r either cheap crappy flash 2D ones like Adventure Quest, or ones like Maplestory where the game play is pretty addictive, but only fun if u buy the 'kool' items with real money...and u get stronger, more money potentially etc. etc. therefore, if u wanna have fun playin' it, u'd have to pay, and buy these cards called NX Cash cards or sumthin...

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    why all the flames on maple i play maple sorta a little i quit wel not realy i play like 1hour a month but anyways .well it is a bit boring and it those lvl 2 slow fight
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    Ever heard of Elysium? Yeah, I'm not there.
    It's basically GaiaOnline, but in a different skin with a few tweaks. Sure, it can be free if you want it to, but if you want to get any new items that will make you look nifty, you'll have to pay, just like on GaiaOnline. So, really, there are very few "free" MMORPGs, and most tend to suck, not just because the game is no fun at all (just look at GaiaOnline) but also because most of the players tend to be haughty , emo ridden, pre-teens that seem to think that wasting real money on flashy pixels elevates their real life social status, and that they are so "deep" with their horrible fan fictions and poetry.

    That, and they just tend to be really creepy ... I mean, for Christ's sake, the one month that I actually played Gaia before coming to my senses, I was asked to cyber by f**king twelve year olds. How do I know? They bragged about it; they were proud of being pre-teen pixel whores. Now, if that isn't both creepy and very dangerous, I don't know what is. Here we are, in a world where child abuse is rampant, and there are supposed "twelve years olds" going around asking for cyber sex. It just makes me scratch my head in confusion, and makes my stomach knot in disgust.

    I say avoid MapleStory, avoid GaiaOnline, and be wary of any MMORPG that claims to be absolutely free.

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    Many hate Maplestory without a good reason just because they think it's ... something.

    I play it though. I have had periods (not the gross ones - I'M A GUY, DAMMIT!) and breaks (yes, broken bones) with playing it and I played first time a few years ago, at GLOBAL. Now I haven't played for a year and decided to start playing again, but this time it was a EUROPE, don't ask me (nor anybody else) why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukishou View Post
    Many hate Maplestory without a good reason just because they think it's ... something.

    I play it though. I have had periods (not the gross ones - I'M A GUY, DAMMIT!) and breaks (yes, broken bones) with playing it and I played first time a few years ago, at GLOBAL. Now I haven't played for a year and decided to start playing again, but this time it was a EUROPE, don't ask me (nor anybody else) why.
    Maplestory is gay because it is a pointless grind game with no incentive for success. So you get to level 300, or whatever the level cap is, big deal, what now?


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    I played it for about a week...the people were so annoying I had to quit and it was impossible to even get anywhere in the game other than to hack...but even hacking wouldn't be worth the time for that game.

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