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    I wonder if Isley is trying to stop those monsters...I bet those are failed experiment from the organization. Could Isley become one of the main protagonist?
    I really like that idea! I was kinda thinking the same thing, that the monsters are casts-offs from the organization or something along those lines. But it would be really interesting if Isely was somehow trying to stop them or maybe even get them to join him...hmmm

    But I liked this chapter, lots of new questions to ponder.

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    My guess is that, these zombie claymores were created by the Org to hunt who/whatever has been destroying the southern towns. No idea whether that would be Isley or some other presence, the creature we saw in the mists at the end of chapter 86 looked like it had eyes. Then again, that might just be light reflecting off the stitches keeping the eyelids together, since it looks like the stitches in the mouth are represented in that picture. Well, after typing that out I feel pretty sure it was just these things, even if does look it is wearing a garment at the end of 86.

    These things seem to respond to the yoki of awakened/half-awakened beings, since they started salivating when Deneve and Helen released but passed by Dietrich after a few sniffs. Since they seem lobotomized and deprived of their other senses, they probably incur a lot of collateral damage, so the Org has ostensibly distanced themselves from these creations.

    I'm a bit uncertain as to whether Isley was broadcasting his yoki so strongly because he wanted to be found or because of recent extensive use of his abilities. The later explains his poor showing against Helen and Deneve and could be explained by the constant pursuit of the Zombie Claymores.

    If this becomes a three way brawl between Helen/Deneve, Isley, and the Zombies, I think the first two will be escaping their separate ways.

    Another unlikely theory is;

    Remember the organization is creating weapons to fight in the continent and since their attempt to create controllable claymores wasn't successful maybe they simply gave up the idea of controlling them and made stupid but more powerful monsters that would kill anything in their path and only leaving one weakness in them that would let Organization kill them when needed or reducing their life span would do too..

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    judging by the armour similar to what the organisation supplies their claymores, reckon it's a new weapon in the war on the other mysterious continent? they just look like far more powerful, less rebellious claymore chicks. they also look like they rely on their senses, including the 'other' sense that miata seems to possess, looking at where the stitches are - perhaps they are modelled on miata, the candidate for number one?

    who knows... im just happy neither girls are dead. yet.

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    did anyone notice that the caption on the front page of chapter 87 read
    'The "demon" of which dietrich spoke..... was not the formerAbyssal one easley...!'
    any thoughts on this?

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    She was referring to the "zombies".

    On the thought of "former" Abyssal One. Maybe because he has been lying low for the years, with that in mind, he wasn't much of a threat or nuisance to the organization. Unlike some who still mobilize.

    Then again, maybe they were ranking the Abyssal Ones and he just dropped from the ranks.

    For all we know, it could be a translation error. LOL xD

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    Ohhhh, so THAT'S what demons are ...

    Good chapter, although it was way too short.

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    indeed, like the chapter a lot >_<!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    Demons? aren't they just another name for Male awakends?
    I just know this....before, I'm guessing "demon" is referring to priscilla

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    It turns out that Dietrich's statement, "The demon... has returned..." was meant as plural, after all. I forget too quickly that nouns can be both in Japanese. It appears that the Zombie Claymore Stripper force are all led by one overlord, but that needs confirmation.

    My real guess is that Yagi is going for setting up the Organization as more villianous with this. I mean we know they kidnap little girls and create youma, but as we saw in a discussion about 4 chapters ago, some people are still willing to excuse the Organization depending on motives, circumstance, etc.

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    Oh noez, it looks like Mister Abyss is gonners lol.

    Those things are wicked, how do they move so fast and do all that body modification without Youki? Its getting interesting, I can't wait for the next chapter!
    A pie in the sky?

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