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    i remember the first time i have seen the anime ver i was like "omg dis s good ma boy" n when i get deep in the manga i was like i dont get it lol
    Lovely traces
    I can sense you in everything
    The way that you move me
    Takes me far away
    I seek no escape
    Im dreaming through your eyes
    I am wandering through your mind
    Im overtaken by the way that you deliver me
    Im transcended
    Theres no place Id rather be
    Than here in heaven
    Without you Im incomplete
    Its hopeless

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    ahhhhhh.... i love the art works!!!!

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    i've always wanted to read this, since i've read nearly all her other series, i love the godchild/cain series, but Angel Sanc. is so long.

    i hope i can get around to it soon =)

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