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Thread: Jonin naruto

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovetowatchanime1 View Post
    nah i can see naruto looking at his face carved on the mountain and being like damn i look good.
    That's how i picture it too, him looking at his face on the hokage mountain with his family, he'll prolly be the seventh hokage, I really wanna see Kakashi become the 6th if something happens to Tsunade)

    Quote Originally Posted by couchcommando View Post
    i really hope that the end of the manga isnt just naruto at age 15/16 kicking the final guys ass and then time skip just to show him as hokage...the end. You mean to tell me there isnt anything else going on with his life between those time periods and that all his hardships and struggles just happen to him when he is a kid. I really hope we see more of Naruto older than just a teaser of him as Hokage. If there was just a teaser at the end then that would just leave the question of what kind of man he is because Naruto now still has a lot of growing up to do and I doubt he will be all grown up at the age of 15/16. We've seen all the other older ninjas kinda how they were like as a kid and then how they are like now as an adult. So I believe (or at least I hope) we will see another time skip and see Naruto and the gang older.

    Also I wonder if Naruto will die at the end. Im not saying I want this to happen but this manga has a lot of twists so its just to predictable to see Naruto as Hokage in the end. Its not like Naruto dieing would be bad. He has touch a lot of ninjas hearts and every great ninja has died in the manga in an honorable way just look at the Hokages and Jaraiya. If Naruto were to die he would leave a positive message for all to live by. I dont know just a thought.
    I wanna see older naruto too when he's hokage, not just glimpse. This story has so much potential if done right.
    Here's what i think will happen, sasuke will turn evil after defeating Itachi or Tobi, since there's no way he's ever coming back to konoha. Naruto will be forced to kill Sasuke and then go on to become Hokage. I wouldn't mind if naruto died honorably in a great battle but it'll have to be after he has become hokage and has fathered few children with sakura/hinata. Or naruto becomes hokage first and then both sasuke and naruto die together in a huge final climactic battle.

    And btw, Tsunade wore that necklace and she ain't dead yet.

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    i dont think naruto and sasuke will be killing each other off.

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    Lol Sasuke should become the Hokage before Naruto does

    Naruto will become a jounin I believe but its going to be for something stupid and lame like him getting lucky while saving someone and then pawning it off as intelligence and skill, or him doing a stupid act that ends up saving everyone on a massive scale and then everyone feels bad and makes him an "honorary" jounin. But eventually he will become one, all he has is emotional, dramatic responses to everything and generally charges in without thinking first and ends up getting lucky...then again the series IS named after him lol
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    Naruto will be the 6th Hokage. If he becomes the 7th he might be a little upset. And Konohamaru will get pushed from 7th to 8th.

    but when he becomes a jounin Kakashi will become fatally injured. ANd because he was the only one not to get Naruto a jounin promotion gift he will ask Sakura to transplant his sharingan to Naruto.

    A new ninja will be born Sharingan Naruto!
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    that would be so cool if kakashi gives his sharingan eye to naruto!
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    they better

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    I hope that Naruto doesn't marry Hinata. Strong members of Narutoverse Sarutobi, Jairaya, Minato, Naruto. especially Minato and naruto being great ninjas without a powerful kekkie genkai. I want to see narutos child the same way not ruined by seeing narutos son staring at me with a Byakugan and those creepy veins poking out.

    maybe her clan will expel her first and seal the bloodline limit.
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    Even if they seal hinata from using her bloodline, it won't change the fact that she can pass it on to her kids. Who knows, the kid could inherit the recessive traits of the bloodline, so it might not show up at all or be something different like a hybrid if kyubbi's chakra mixes with naruto's sperm. A new kekkei genkai will be born. So instead of white veins, it'd be blood red eyes, kinda like naruto's transformation.

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    this is not like the main topic...but i think that naruto would became jounin remember shikamaru when he became chuunin the chunnin exams didn't finish and he became chunnin because he was an awsome mabye naruto will be like that ^^ i guess

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