Now that 215 has been released, there's no real reason for this thread to exist anymore. :/ Shame.
I will however, say this;
I think that now, DGM has entered dangerous Manga territory. The thing is, with the most recent chapter, DGM has pulled another fast one for the sake of plot. Don't get me wrong; it's nowhere near stupid plot-twist-ness territory yet, but it's heading in that direction, that much I know.

Personally, I am all for making an unpredictable beautifully interwoven plot, but when it starts becoming complete bogus (Case and Point: Bleach) that's where I draw the line.

This is actually something i've been thinking over as of late; The 14th was (Techinically 'is' a completely new Noah), so I think it's possible that other characters could become the '15th' and '16th' or something like that. Will this mean Lenalee has a chance for redemption to not be a whiny b*tch from now on? Maybe. Would Komui get this power? I hope to god not. If Komui becomes a Main Character, I will personally slit Lenalee's wrists for her, ya dig?

On a side note, with the latest chapter we now know just what side the 14th is on. Though, I am curious as to what his promise to Mana is. :/ Laterz~