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    The Cult of The Noodle Queen , NPG

    Well Woofcat has his own cult, So I thought why shouldn't the Queen of the Noodles have one, speaking of course of NPG.

    I follow the cult, somewhat when I'm not being banned by her.
    So does Foxx the overly obsessed NPG worshiper, he will ban you from the Irc room for one word against the Noodle Queen.

    A couple of rules for not incurring NPG wraith on the Irc.

    1. Do not Bite NPG, the punishment is quick and severe.
    2. Do not question her judgement, remember hell has no fury like a woman scorn.
    3. If you're Whitebeard, you're screwed.
    4. If you're Mr. Death, then you're somewhat screwed, depending on her mood for the day.
    5. Don't argue with her about anything technology related, she will just ban you instead
    of debating
    6. Caps Locks = Cruise Control this is something normal for her.
    7. NPG is a woman, which according to the rules of the Internet, she gets asked every
    stupid question by the underage crowd
    8. NPG likes to sleep, please do not disturb her sleep, or else face the angry grumpy
    bear and When she says she is going to sleep don't tell her to have a wet dream, it
    results in a ban.
    9. NPG goes by multiple names, however "Hey Girl!" or Damn you, Woman, any other
    sexual stereotypical reference will result in a ban
    10. She hate Autojoin if you hate it on she will ban you multiple times until she gets tired.
    11. She kicks people for mentioning Europe.

    If you follow those rules you should stay on her good side, if not I suggest begging for your life.

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