When a rule is broken or not?
In the beginning, when I was a newby, I was banned for posting links with hosts that pay for the links( this was a bit later lifted as their wasn't a direct conflict with the rules, Megaupload never payed and some of the other links were from the group). I asked back then too some admin, and they told me as long their isn't any 'personal gain' with it their isn't any problem. With other words, if one of the original links is put up their isn't any trouble at all.

Now the problem is that lately, I see a lot of flash forwarders like adfly (etc.), I still put it in question that it's allowed to use this?
Like the rules say, it's forbidden to use Advertising Rules that aren't genuinely benefit to other members (example: they post a link called direct download, but it isn't a direct link at all, you get a forwarder with a lot of annoying advertising (sometimes pornographic), and finally you get the message "user is out of bandwidth" (this is repeating for almost 2 months now), similar things happens with a link called mediafire, after an advertising with an annoying clip shown, it will be followed by the reader link( huh?)).
Those forwarders aren't even allowed, because Affiliate IDs are not permitted.
Mirrorcreator doesn't cause any problems with it, because more links is benefiting for the users, it's not an affliate ID as it doesn't pay and pornography is strictly forbidden on their service. (The only problem that it has, is that your obligated to post those links for preventing a ban from their service).

Another problem are post with wrong crediting, missing crediting or fake post on the tracker that regulary pops up. How do they even get even approved?
Something else that is annoying users post links with modified content like the names that are changed (or corrected without the permission of the group,) and some of them brag about it.
(Note: I put this up as a post, so that everyone can read it.)