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    A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

    Hahah oh man, this show is ridiculous.

    I just saw the episode where Brandi and some other girl fight, because Tila chose Brandi over her.

    I'll admit, Tila Tequila is pretty damn hot, but with this show and her playing with people's hearts as if she's some sort of temptress-like god, she's pretty damn messed up and is sad to have to resort to reality tv for her to find "love."

    Overall, she's fake...and her music is of the worst quality.

    Not only that, it gives me another reason to hate MTV even more, because after they air this show they air Critique, which is a show that points out how stupid her show is. How the hell do you do that to your own shows that you're broadcasting?

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    She is not hot to me.

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    I find her annoying, I'm surprised her 15 minutes of fame haven't died and turned her into a D-list star. But none the less, thats off topic. To be on topic, as to why they would critique their own show, it is not a smart move from a subjective point of view, it will only lose more viewers if they carry their point across intelligently. Maybe they want to cancel the show in a really obvious but indirect way. (even though showing it right after the show can be seen as somewhat direct.)

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    I hate these retarted reality shows where watered down celebrities try to find so-called "love". This includes all those ridiculous shows on VH1, most obviously being Flavor of Love.

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    Well, I think all reality shows in general are lame...

    They seem to degrade people in so many ways

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    Ah this takes me back to the days of the big reality dating shows like Elimidate, Blind Date, and the Fifth Wheel.

    Laughable material just produced so people can watch as other people make stupid mistakes.

    Plus I agree with Mister Death, she isn't hot.
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    if you squint, and tilt your head, she's pretty
    keep in mind this is after youve consumed copiuos amounts of alchohal. and been hit on the head with a mallet

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    She's decently attractive until she goes into a pool and her face practically melts off.

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    shes ok, nothing special. I hated this show, and the girl that kept saying hey girl hey cuz so chick in my class says it now.

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