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    i doubt kuma is similar to moria, crocodile (former shichibukai), and doflamingo's intentions. he would be more like hawkeye. he doesn't [yet] have a laugh same with hawkeye. plus his role to the moria arc would more likely be the same with aokiji, as a major arc instigator or something. i think kuma's more on the good side of the WG and he said before he has a news for luffy which i think is about ace. if ace is dead or captured, naturally his grandfather Garp would have known it immediately. and if his real intent is to kill all of them, he could easily start with luffy while he's still unconscious as for sometime now is being visually emphasized on the manga upon arrival of kuma. i thought before his power would help them reach merman island which underwater. now, i think that would be of different way than teleportation. and since the introduction of kaidou, a yonkou, having another shichibukia as an enemy in the next arc would be too much of a repetition. kaidou could be a starter for the strawhats leveling with the power of yonkou as crocodile was with the shichibukai.

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    shichibukai is currently shown with 6 members(blackbeard replacing crocodile counted as 1), hence, the last unknown and no name shicibukai should be the strongest. 3 of the yonkou was shown too. so i guess the manga still has alot to offer.

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    I can only see this fight end up as a victory fought with Zoro in charge if not taking it on all together. He did say he would never lose another fight, and that's too powerful of a moment in the series to forsake.
    a fight can have 3 possible outcomes: win, lose or draw/unfinished. the most likely outcome is unfinished because 1 zoro always fights swordsmen. 2 kuma is a shichibukai (so far always the grand boss of an arc) and luffy always takes care of the grand boss, seeing that he's out cold means that this is not the deciding fight. 3 i don't think it is kuma's intention to literally kill them but rather to make a convincing scene that he has killed them because there is no reason why he should make an offer such as give me luffy and you will all be spared. 4 it's the end of the arc, arcs don't end then jump to the grand boss of a new arc. 5 like what happened between ace and blackbeard, this event will most likely be significant stepping stone building up to something bigger but right now we only get a snippet
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    i just wanted to share what i came across

    Put in spoiler tag.

    Life is a bitch and death is her husband.

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    Not that it isn't terribly obvious, but you should warn for spoilers (not that I'm complaining, either)

    That being said:


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