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  • Sasuke really got Itachi! Nice try Itachi, but Sasuke owned you.

    21 13.21%
  • Poor Sasuke... he doens't know he's in Itachi's Genjustu...

    91 57.23%
  • *speachless*

    47 29.56%
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    I think that Sasuke may be caught in yet another of Itachi's genjutsu. Notice that before Itachi points to where his 'actual' body is, he points at Sasuke. We also know from Itachi's encounter with Naruto that he can trap people with his genjutsu with just one finger.
    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post do bring up a good point but here's a question. isn't the most important thing in this fight to find out what truly happened during the uchiha clan massacre. i mean there are still some unanswered questions and itachi is the one who can possibly answer them. sasuke seems very eager to ask itachi a question so it could be possible that after sasuke get's his answer itachi will bite the dust. i hope that doesn't happen cuz i really want a stretched out battle but who knows.
    Yeahhh!!! I want an epic fight between Itachi and Sasuke!!!
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