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    yeah am still wondering what jutsu he was going to use on naruto and sakura when they found him
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    man, naruto better learn genjutsu fast or step his game up or something if he want to defeat sasuke, because it will be like, "hitting a genjutsu sasuke with a rasengan or another jutsu, then the real one comes out, naruto will be like oh snap am in a genjutsu"
    i don't ever see naruto learning how to cast genjutsu. i think he'll end up like jiraiya. he'll just have the necessary knowledge to get his ass out of a genjutsu and maybe cast low level genjutsus but nothing spectacular. i really hope naruto learns to keep a cool on his emotions and also be tactical, since this is the biggest thing he needs to work on. if he has both those things in check then he should learn some ninjutsus, learn more about genjutsu and how to get out of them and also better his taijutsu and he'll be all set.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    actually I did remember a cool ancient japanese legend that sorta ties into the naruto theme where there was this guy who noes had healing powers that could bring the dead back to life if you ate some of it, I think his name was
    That was great.

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    sauce-gay.... he just dreaming lol.... he is... reli.... itachi down in 1 chapter... wont happen... it will never happen! kishi wouldnt do tat... itachi is the biggest badass afta madara...

    nex chapter probably the itachi will answer the question... but itachi wont die lol....reli he wont....its a another genjutsu put by itachi.. making it look like sauce-gay killed him xD

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    wow this chapter is too short for something that's supposed to be epic! *I think someone said this already* anyway..It looks like Sasuke got the real Itachi or maybe it's another genjutsu. hwah *so confusing* that's why I hate genjutsu users..everything happens in a weird way and so fast T_T

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    I think that Sasuke may be caught in yet another of Itachi's genjutsu. Notice that before Itachi points to where his 'actual' body is, he points at Sasuke. We also know from Itachi's encounter with Naruto that he can trap people with his genjutsu with just one finger. Itachi is obviously still playing with Sasuke haha

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    if Itachi truly lost to Sasuke in 1 chapter only, then Kishimoto is out of his mind. It is bad enough to see more great ninja from Akatsuki got beaten by kids.

    If it happens, Kisame will lose in one chapter too by Suigetsu and Tobi will lose to Naruto only in one chapter again.

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    IF it is just the one chapter of the fight then i will hunt kishimoto down for htese reasons
    A. killin j-man B. yrs of build up to THAT. still a good chapter though they have to beat j-mans fight with pain thopugh to make it worthwhile not just 3 genjutsus then doooooooom
    oh my god am back

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    I'm sure Itach isn't really dead and Sasuke's going to keep being in a Genjutsu until he figures out how to counter it with his Sharingan. But I can tell this battle will drag on for atleast 3 Chapters, I'm actually hoping for 5.

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    I've waited so long for such a short chapter I hope the next one will be longer, and I think I know what kind of question he is going too ask him

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