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Thread: Zombie Loan

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    Zombie Loan

    Michiru Kita is a special girl who possesses Shinigami Eyes, which allows her to see a dark ring around a person's neck. This ring symbolizes the person's impending death; once they are marked to die, a gray ring, which is invisible to normal people, appears around their neck, and once the ring turns completely black, the person dies. Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two boys in her class, both have black rings around their necks, but to her surprise, they are not yet dead. It is revealed that after a tragic accident that was supposed to kill them both, the two boys made a deal with a secret loan office called the Zombie-Loan. In return for keeping them alive, the two have to hunt zombies for the loan office. When Michiru gets involved with them, she finds that her life has just become more complicated.
    Original from wikipedia

    This is a new anime an alone the name is worth looking.
    Hopefully i looking into the future so that it won´t be disappointing.
    (I´m sorry if I wrote something wrong because English is not my primary language)

    Here the link to episode 1:
    Thanks for the fast releases every week.

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    I just started to watch this its pretty good right now

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